Here, we will introduce a temple where you can visit the Seven Lucky Gods in Matsudo.

Temple with the Seven Lucky Gods

If you visit these Seven Lucky Gods on New Year’s Day, you will receive a red stamp.

Daikokuten (God of Fortune)

Hozoin. The principal image is Fudo Myo.

Bishamonten (God of treasure that eliminates the hesitation of the heart)

Iouji Temple. It is a temple built in the early Edo period and is said to calm illness as its name suggests.

Benzaiten (Goddess of Water)

Kegonji Temple. As a temple that prevents fires, it has long been familiar to the local people.

Jurojin (God of longevity)

Tokuzoin. The precincts are open and you can see the main hall after climbing the stairs.

Fukurokuju (God of happiness, wealth, longevity)

Ennoji Temple. This is also a temple to avoid plague.

Budai Takeshi (God of Fortune)

Zensho-ji Temple. The splendid pine is eye-catching.

Ebisu God (God of prosperous business)

Kinzoin. Various flowers are planted in the precincts, and spring is recommended for visiting.