Here, we will introduce the famous festivals of Matsudo City.

Local festivals where you can feel the emotion

Matsudo Shuku Sakagawa Lantern Festival

It is a summer tradition of Matsudo. There are many events around the Saka River, such as lanterns, lanterns in the temple grounds of Shoryuji, and canoeing.

Shinmatsudo Festival

It is a gorgeous and modern festival held for the purpose of revitalizing the town. Local people will play a central role in the brass band, Awa Odori, drum performance, Bon Odori, and samba parade. There will also be a movie event in which children participate and kids baton twirling (performance using baton).

Koganejuku Festival

It is an autumn festival that surpasses the golden inn that was the post station of Mito Kaido. You will also have a valuable opportunity to listen to the traditional golden music. It is an event where the local community is united, with the participation of the prefectural police and fire department.