Here, we will introduce Matsudo City’s hometown tax refund items.

Chiba’s specialty products are packed

Many of Matsudo’s hometown tax refunds include foods made from ingredients from Chiba prefecture and the taste of famous local restaurants.

Matsudo pear

You can send us sweet and juicy ripe pears such as “Kosui” and “Akizuki”.

Chinese soba and Mita ramen

Matsudo’s famous ramen shop and Mita’s tsukemen set and ramen set. You can enjoy the taste of the shop at home.

Yagiri green onion croquette

It is a croquette of the famous Japanese sweets shop Yayaan who also appeared on TV. The croquette of a Japanese sweets shop seems strange, but it’s so popular that it sells out at each event.

Japanese pear chuhai

It is a chu-hi using Japanese pear, which is a specialty of Matsudo city. A new flavor that traps the sweetness of pears.