In this article, we will introduce the child-rearing support provided by Matsudo City.

Various initiatives to support childcare

Providing information on childcare

We distribute information and maps of custody facilities, medical institutions, playgrounds, etc., as well as a booklet “Matsudo Childcare Guidebook” that summarizes the flow of procedures for pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare. We also distribute information via a dedicated app that can be viewed on smartphones and LINE.

Various benefits and subsidies

In addition to the child allowance and medical expenses subsidy system for children, we also distribute a special pass “Chipas” that allows you to receive various child-rearing support services at supporting stores. There are also subsidies for single-parent families and those who are undergoing fertility treatment.

Learning support business

We provide learning support and a place to stay for children in families who meet certain conditions, such as receiving livelihood protection and school attendance support.