In this article, I will briefly explain the history of Matsudo City.

Area that prospered as a post station

Matsudo, where humans lived for a long time, was an area whose main industry was rural areas, but in the Edo period, the areas of Matsudo, Kogane, and Mabashi prospered as a post town on the Mito Kaido, one of the five highways.

Since it is located between Edo and Mito, the Mito Tokugawa family and the generals of the Edo Tokugawa family were seen enjoying falconry in the Matsudo area.

Origin of the name Matsudo City

It seems that Matsudo was called “Matsusato” in the Heian period. It is not known when it came to be called Matsudo, but there is a theory that the sound changed from this “Matsusato” to Matsudo. There is also a theory that it was called “Umasato” because horse breeding has been popular for a long time, and it changed to “Masato → Matsudo”.