In this article, we will introduce the historic sites that remain in Matsudo City.

3 Famous Historic Sites in Matsudo

Kogane Castle Ruins

It is the site of the castle that was used as the residence of Mr. Takashiro, a senior vassal of Mr. Chiba who ruled the area of ​​Chiba prefecture. The castle is said to have been built in 1537 and abandoned in 1539. Many of the valuable building remains have been destroyed by the development of the Showa era. It is now open to the public as Oyaguchi Historical Park, and you can see the few remaining remains.

Matsudo Shrine

This shrine was built nearly 400 years ago and is related to Tokugawa Mitsukuni. Astronaut Naoko Yamazaki became a hot topic as she prayed for safety before her own space flight.


It is an area that was a post town where the building of “Tamaya”, an accommodation (hatago) for travelers at the end of the Edo period, still remains. The historic Tamaya is still used as a private house, and you can only see the exterior.